As we now expect from the Edinburgh Singers, this is fantastic programming: great and supremely secure choral singing, and charismatic and musical direction from conductor Digges. Bravo to the orchestra (some of whom are SCO players) for a wonderful job.

Jeremy Cull – The Wee Review – June 2017

Alistair Digges has trained them very well: they have fantastic diction and there is not a drop in pitch throughout. This speaks volumes for Digges’ brilliant charisma and musicianship. A thoroughly wonderful evening.

Jeremy Cull – The Wee Review – March 2017

Conductor Alistair Digges paced the whole evening engagingly, and much of Tchaikovsky’s beautiful instrumentation came over with an enjoyable subtlety.

Opera Scotland 2016

Music Director Alistair Digges has a way of conducting, which is almost like a performance in itself. He gave clear instructions where the ensemble of musicians followed, giving a refined performance and gravitating the music towards a more poetic and highly structured tone. The pace was neither fussy or rushed.

Mary Nguyen – Trend FM – August 2016

Conductor Alistair Digges had an excellent band to play the reduced score, and he paced it beautifully, with plenty of lyrical highlights interspersed among the punchy dramatic elements.

Opera Scotland, November 2015

Even the best of singing seems bare in a concert without some human interest and Alistair Digges knew this…. It was his firm enthusiastic and concise introduction after the opening Tota Pulchra Es, a devotion from Vespers by James MacMillan, that set us up with the confidence that he knew what he was about. Not only had he put together an inspired selection of Scottish choral music in historic Old St Paul’s but had managed to assemble in the audience six or seven of those Scottish composers.

Edinburgh Guide, June 2015

Alistair Digges (Musical Director) is to be congratulated: he has a great rapport with the choir and an ability to get the very best out of them. His obvious commitment to this programme has certainly paid off.

TV bomb, June 2015

Events were led from the pit by new music director Alistair Digges who drew a vigorous and stylish account of the score from the spirited twenty-seven piece band.

Opera Scotland, November 2014

Best were the opening scenes, from the newly weds fending off the irritating drunk, to a majestically off key duo, Alistair Digges and Douglas Nairne, drunkenly carousing over the body of a dead friend

Sarah Urwin Jones, The Times, August 2013

A very impressive tenor Alistair Digges

Alan Cooper, Aberdeen press, October 2012

Alistair’s Edgardo in Lucia was good – but his Rodolfo in Boheme was far better. There is more maturity to the voice and lots more confidence, leading to a first class overall performance.

The Courier, September 2012

Digges (Pinkerton) has an expressive voice, well up to the demands of the part.

The Opera Critic, August 2012

As Edgardo, Alistair Digges had much to contend with, having to come to terms with one of opera’s most demanding tenor roles, but he came through with enormous credit, especially towards the end of the opera where the ultimate tragedy unfolded.

The Courier, March 2012

Douglas Nairne and Alistair Digges in the lead baritone and tenor roles showed mature and powerful voices, both able to display the contrasting emotions required of them.

Northings, March 2012

The most enjoyable performances come from… an eclectic Rodolfo played by Alistair Digges

Exeunt Magazine, February 2012

Alistair Digges (Rodolfo) and Emily Ward (Mimi) sounded very strong in the lead roles, Digges’ voice in particular having a winning, laddish quality which worked well in this context

One Stop Arts, February 2012

As Rodolfo, Alistair Digges shows a pleasing light tenor

Time Out, February 2012

All of the singers gave flawless vocal performances with emotion and pathos. The acting was strong, particularly by Mimi (Emily Ward), Rodolfo (Alistair Digges), and Colline (Tim Dickinson)

Frost Magazine, February 2012

Alistair Digges was an ardent, Italianate Rodolfo

Music Web International, July 2011

Alistair Digges captured the vulnerability behind Rodolfo’s amorous bravado

The Arts Desk, July 2011

Acting convincing, singing, fresh, bright, clear, youthful; particularly good were the Petersburg Mimi, Ilona Domnich, and the Glasgow Rodolfo, Alistair Digges.

Musical Opinion, August 2011

Alistair Digges as Alfredo has a lovely voice

Evening Standard, June 2011

Alistair Digges is our Alfredo; attractive and charming with moments of vocal supremacy

Ceasefire Magazine, June 2011

Joanna Weeks and especially tenor Alistair Digges show promise as Violetta and Alfredo

The Guardian, June 2011

He melted the hearts of the Tilford audience with Handel’s ‘Where e’er You Walk’ and Donizetti’s ‘One Furtive Tear’ from L’Elisir d’amore and impressed with his power and range in Federico’s Lament from Cilea’s L’Arlesiana.

TBF, June 2011

Alistair Digges as Don Gomez was superb. What a noble voice and beautiful tone he has, and when he appeared suitably attired for the wedding, he looked quite the most charming man on stage.

Markronan Theatre Reviews,, March 2011

The best singers were Alistair Digges’s elegant tenor as Don Gomez

Music Web International, March 2011

The most serviceable and reliable voices belong to Don Pinto’s two impersonators, Robin Bailey’s Don Gaston and Alistair Digges’s Don Gomez

The Times, March 2011

Rodolfo (Alistair Digges) has a very pleasant tenor voice and easily holds his own with the other men. He also looks the part, in his writerly velvet jacket, and his acting is good.

The Opera Critic, August 2010

As the name may suggest, Opera Bohemia’s title was inspired by the aspiring artist characters in Puccini’s La Bohéme. Founded by two former RSAMD students, Alistair Digges and Douglas Nairne, this new opera company is a wealth of extraordinary fresh talent, with each of these young singers having remarkable depth and power to their voices. During passages of ensemble singing, they perform with impeccable blend, acting together seamlessly and maintaining absolutely perfect intonation throughout.

The List, August 2010

Alistair Digges, a lovable Flute

Opera Magazine, September 2009

Alistair Digges made a delightful Flute/Thisbe

The Independent, July 2009

Alistair Digges’s Flute came into his own in the Pyramus and Thisbe episode where his timid character seemed to gain confidence under the glare of the lights.

Classical Source, June 2009

Count Belfiore was sung with polish by the tenor Alistair Digges.

Musical Opinion, March/April 2009

The latter was sung by Alistair Digges whose agile tenor coped manfully with the demands made upon it during his more manic episodes.

Musical Pointers December 2009

The much-awaited recital got off to a rousing start with Scottish tenor Alistair Digges tackling the aria “Where er you walk”, from Handel’s 1744 oratorio Semele. As Jupiter, the 27-year-old defied his rather lean physique to create a perfect intonation that resounded through the DMK auditorium.

Digges, especially, who idolizes Pavarotti, displayed tremendous maturity in the varying roles he played.

Sunday Times of India, August 30, 2009

She was joined by the debonair Scottish tenor Alistair Digges….The splendour of the voices came in quick succession in Cimarosa’s ‘Il matrimonio segreto’, as Alistair stretched his vocal chords to justify and make this secret marriage a reality.

Herald (Goah), August 28, 2009

International singing star Patricia Rozario’s dazzling concert thrilled Goan music lovers at the Kala Academy Hall in Panjim, Goa, India, on August 29, 2009. The troupe included her husband Mark Troop on the piano, Dhilan Gnandurai, award-winning Shri Lankan baritone, and superb tenor Alistair Digges.

Tinto (Goah Community Media) 2009

The Forester’s drinking companions, Alistair Digges as the Schoolmaster and Jimmy Holliday as the Priest, were strongly portrayed and sung.

Opera Magazine, September 2008

Alistair Digges was ideally cast as the love-lorn Nemorino, both as shrinking violet carrying the cricket gear and as confident amour after the elixir had taken effect: and there was a pleasingly gentle richness to his vocal timbre.

Surrey Advertiser, March 2007

The aria was beautifully sung by Alistair Digges, who was Nemorino to perfection, a gauky adolescent with a hopeless crush. His open and lyrical tone was ideal for the part, and was well sustained throughout a long evening.

Petersfield Post, March 2007

Nemorino – sung by Alistair Digges – looked incredibly young. He enjoyed himself as a lovelorn yokel with a vulnerable soul. His voice is clear, light and well-focused

The Herald, March 2007

Arnalta the nurse was a brilliant performance from Alistair Digges in imposing drag.

Spectator, December 2006

Alistair Digges’s purse-lipped Arnalta was a consummate comic turn

The Independent December 2006